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Grass Lawn with Concrete Wall


Our Services


Lawn Mowing

Is there anything better than a freshly cut lawn? It looks clean and fresh and, if you're like us, you can't help but smile when you look at it. At Four Seasons, we offer lawn mowing and maintenance services that result in your lawn looking clean, fresh, and tidy. We take great pride in our work and promise that you'll enjoy the finished product - every time. 



At Four Seasons Landscape, we use our creativity to make sure your landscaping looks professional and meets your needs. We can trim your hedges, plant new flowers, mulch your garden, and more! We can work within your budget. Let us do all the work while you sit back and wait for the garden of your dreams! 

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Looking to replace that old, bumpy path that leads to your front door? How about your patio in your backyard? Maybe you'd like a new fire pit? From retaining walls to concrete slabs, we do it all! We have an eye for the little details and promise that you'll be impressed.

Excavator Tractor


We offer a full range of excavation services. This includes lot clearing, site work, digging foundation holes, driveways, and residential house lots from start to finish. Put that shovel down and give us a call. We'll take care of you!

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Seasonal Cleanups

Let Four Seasons take care of you during all four seasons! When your leaves hit the ground, call us and we'll come pick them up for you. In the spring, call us again and we'll clean up whatever mess Mother Nature left in your yard during the winter months. We're here for you - year round!


Snow Plowing

Winters in Maine are long and, usually, we get pelted with snow. There's nothing worse than having to shovel multiple inches of the white stuff. Four Seasons offers snow removal all winter long. Contact us today to get a to make a plan to have your property taken care of every time it snows!

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